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Our Projects

These are some of our recently realized projects and expeditions.


Nature is our inspiration!



Echinacea purpurea April 2020 project

Esencial offers premium quality natural products for your health and wellness, including Total CO2 Extracts, Hydrosol, and Herbal Infusions.

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Narcissus poeticus May 2022 project 

Our team has visited the natural habitat of Narcissus poeticus grown in the wild.


This beautiful flower, recently rediscovered and brought back into attention for its skin benefits, appears to find the most secluded places to grow, where people can barely go.

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Cistus × argenteus 'Silver Pink' - rock rose.png


Cistus incanus June 2022 project

The Albanian riviera, rich in sunny days and well-aerated soil proves to be the loving home of Rock Rose flowers. Growing in a humble environment, these flowers ask too little from nature to give back in return for amazing health benefits through their fuchsia petals and leaves.

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CO2 Total Extract of Chili Pepper (Oleoresins) 21 July 2022

Here are the active principles that make it the raw material for manufacturing natural medication for muscle pain relief and joint inflammation relief.

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Olive pomace January 2023 project

Olive pomace with the SC-CO2 technique

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Agro-industry residues are not "waste" but are values from Mother Nature.

One of the strengths of Esencial is the R&D department. This department proposes and develops projects focused on improving the quality of products produced with SCFE CO2 green technology.

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