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Our Certifications

In 2019, Esencial® received the ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certification for Good Manufacturing Practices awarded by  the German Certification Body TÜV NORD Cert. The application of specific ISO

Standards during each step of the production chain provides full quality control assurance.


In contrast to daily challenges in our society and specifically, in the natural extracts manufacturing industry, Esencial® has managed to bring Supercritical CO₂ Extraction Technology to another level.  


Esencial® produces 100% Natural raw materials of Medicinal-Aromatic plants with the same meticulous and rigorous work ethics and environment and human consideration just like any other prestigious manufacturer.  

Our processes are in strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


All stages of production, from harvesting to transportation, storage, grinding, processing, bottling, and labeling are traceable.  


ISO 9001:2015

NATRUE for 100% Natural Product


Since Esencial® is the manufacturer and supplier of raw materials that find their way into many other industries related directly to health, beauty, and well-being, it is crucial for our work ethics and an expanding market ambition to document that our product is 100% Natural.

Esencial® has now certified its CO2 Total Extracts as 100% Natural with “NATRUE” seal as by CCPB.

This is not only in line with our most honest considerations regarding nature, environment, human heritage, and top-quality products for health and well-being. It also ensures our clients that their end product will be pure and uncompromised in their Natural promise.



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