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About Us

Our Mission

With our extensive research and continuous development, we are committed to bringing our over 44 CO2 Total Extracts of superior quality using environmentally friendly and safe technology.  


Esencial® aims to improve the product extraction process and develop new products to better serve our customers in the area of pharmacy, food, chemical, cosmetic and health enhancement. 


We are continuously dedicated to providing our customers with satisfactory service and the best quality products at a competitive price. 

We are constantly striving to enrich our product portfolio to cater to our customers' growing demands and ensure sustainable growth for all our stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

We are a GMP-compliant company and our philosophy is to combine the best raw materials with the highest production standards, all this while conducting rigorous laboratory tests on all our products in order to ensure the highest possible quality.

We exclusively work with trusted local harvesters and suppliers to ensure that our raw materials are of the highest quality and are harvested using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. 

SCFE Technology

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This is where the magic happens. This is where we insert the dried plants and herbs, harvested from the Albanian mountains and hilltops, to obtain 100% natural extract. This is why we bring you nature in a drop, wherever you are.


​As it comes out of the machine, the 100% natural extract solidifies. The solid extract can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. This raw material is rich in active principles that are further added to para pharmaceutical formulations to enhance benefits and product potency. On the other hand, it can be further processed to differentiate its active principles.

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