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Narcissus poeticus project 2022

Esencial has recently started the tradition of plant-tracing expeditions.

Part of our Traceability System as per ISO Standards and also in the spirit of growing closer to nature and seeing for ourselves where it all begins, our team has rvisited the natural habitat of Narcissus poeticus grown in the wild.


This beautiful flower, recently rediscovered and brought back into attention for its skin benefits, appears to find the most secluded places to grow, where people can barely go.


We took our chances up in Xibër-Murriza, at about 1500 m above sea level to witness in person the reward and peace at the valley of Narcissuses.


Hand-picked from our suppliers, we plan to produce Narcissus poeticus CO2 Total Extract as a precious raw material for its anti-oxidative skin benefits.

Photo - Gallery

Video from the expedition!