Esencial® is a company specialized in the production of 100% Natural Extracts from Medicinal Plants by applying Supercritical Fluid Technology (SCFE).


These extracts known as CO2 Total Extracts make for the raw material of several industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical, Medical, Cosmetics, Nutraceutical, Food Industry and more.


Esencial® is situated in Mengël, Elbasan, Albania, founded by the couple of chemists Lindita and Arben Vrushi.


After 10 years of researching Medicinal-Aromatic plants and their benefits in health and well-being, Esencial® Research & Development Laboratory started producing CO2 Total Extracts.


Currently, Esencial® is the first and only company in Albania that applies SCFE Technology and produces 100% Natural CO2 Total Extracts.


Chili Pepper
2 Total Extract (Capsicum annuum)

  • stimulates the cardiovascular system,

  • improves poor circulation,

  • reduces high blood cholesterol levels,

  • prevents cardiovascular diseases

  • treats excessive blood clotting.


Rock Rose
2 Total Extract (Cistus incanus)

  • antioxidants

  • antibacterial

  • antiinflammatory

  • anticancer

  • antifugal activity

  • Cistus incanus is extracted and is used to prepare e medicinal product for the prevention and/or treatment of the flu.


St. John’s Wort
2 Total Extract (Hypericum perforatum)

  • antidepressant

  • diuretic

  • antiinflammatory

  • anticeptic

  • astringent

  • antibacterial/antiviral agent

Our Certifications


ISO 9001:2015

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In 2019, Esencial® received the ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certification for Good Manufacturing Practices awarded by the German Certification Body TÜV NORD Cert. The application of specific ISO Standards during each step of the production chain provides full quality control assurance.



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Esencial® is now in the process of certifying its CO2 Total Extracts as 100% Natural with “NATRUE” seal as by TÜV Nord Cert.


All stages of production, from harvesting, to transportation, storage, processing, bottling and labelling are traceable. 


Our processes are in strict compliance with Good  Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as  well as the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system  certification. 


More information on our quality  control systems upon request.