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CO2 Total Extract
Spartium junceum

  • Botanical name: Spartium junceum

  • Common name: Spanish Broom

  • Geographical position: 400-1200m above sea level

  • Part of the plant used: Flower (wild)

  • Appearance: Dark Brown solid.

  • Major compounds: Camphenol, caryophyllene oxide

  • Odor: Natural and fresh fragrance


Chemical Industry
Natural Cosmetics

Spanish broom flowers are used to make medicine. They are used for constipation and fluid retention, inducing vomiting, improveing function of the heart, the treatment of dropsy, heart arrhythmias, albuminuria and gallstones.

In foods and beverages, Spanish broom is used as flavoring.

In manufacturing, Spanish broom is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. [1]

The whole plant has diuretic, laxative, emetic, emmenagogue and cardiotonic properties. It is used for the treatment of dropsy, heart arrhythmias, albuminuria and gallstones. Also, the plant has anti-diabetic action as the herbal extract reduces the blood sugar levels. [2]

Its flowers extract has shown antiinflammatory and analgesic effects.  [3]


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