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Dealing with Climate Change

Drawing from this week's “Dealing with Climate Change” Seminar organized by Helvetas, EcoDES, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and UPT, no effort is too little to count.

Climate change is a painful reality; mitigating the environmental damage sadly means going halfway through.

Waterless products are a revolutionary way to, first of all, not take from the environment what is vital to it, such as Water.

Water might make the production processes of typical cosmetic products easier, but it is unnecessary, even “thinning down” the products’ overall health benefits while draining the natural water bodies.

Besides not taking from Nature what is unnecessary, let’s devise ways to contribute to its replenishment.

Waterless products mean:

  • smaller bottles

  • less packaging,

  • less transportation routes

  • a higher sustainability factor

  • environmentally-friendly technology behind your suppliers

This is how Esencial plays an active role in honoring nature for its heritage and health values.

It is suggested that by choosing Waterless skin & hair care products, the end customers contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

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