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CO2 Total Extract
Laurus nobilis

  • Botanical name: Laurus nobilis

  • Common name: Bay laurel

  • Geographical position: 400m above sea level

  • Part of the plant used: Leaf (wild)

  • Appearance: Dark Brown solid.

  • Major compounds: 1.8- cineole, alpha- terpinyl acetate, sabinene.

  • Odor: Natural and fresh fragrance


Chemical Industry
Natural Cosmetics

Traditionally bay leave extract have been used orally to treat the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems, such as epigastric bloating, impaired digestion, eructation, and flatulence. [1]

L. nobilis leaf extract modulates inflammatory signaling by suppressing inflammasome activation. [2]

Also, it is applied to the skin against bruises, dandruff, sprains, rheumatism and herpes. [3, 4]

It has various pharmacological uses such as wound healing, antioxidant and anticonvulsant activity. Laurus nobilis extract shows analgesic, antiinflamtory, antimutagenic and immunostimulant activity. [5]


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* Please, note that the above statements are summaries of published studies and and investigations as cited at the end of each statement.

These are not results or conclusions drawn for Esencial® Laboratory.

The producer of the end product is responsible for the end product effects and the production technology of their product in compliance with specific regulations that guarantee the Consumer Information Rights and their Health Safety.

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