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CO2 Total Extract
Helichrysum italicum

  • Botanical nameHelichrysum italicum

  • Common name: Immortelle

  • Geographical position:1400m  above sea level

  • Part of the plant used: Flower (wild)

  • Appearance: Dark Brown solid.

  • Major compounds: Selinene, alpha- pinene, cadinene,

  • Odor: Natural and fresh fragrance


Chemical Industry
Natural Cosmetics

Helichrysum italicum can be viewed as the sleeping giant of Mediterranean herbal medicine, and its extracts have the potential to be developed as dietary supplement ingredients. In the Greek-Roman system of medicine, H. italicum was used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective plant, and both uses are still well rooted in traditional medicine today [1]

Santini also observed positive results from the use of an aerosolized Helichrysum decoction for allergic rhinitis and a Helichrysum ointment for the treatment of solar and fire burns, chilblains, venous stasis, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. [2]

Helichrysum italicum flowers and leaves are the most used parts in the treatment of health disorders such as allergies, colds, skin, liver and  gallbladder disorders.  [3]


[1] Appendino G., Ottino M., Marquez N., Bianchi F., Giana A., Ballero M., Sterner O., Fiebich B.L., Munoz E. Arzanol, an anti-inflammatory and anti-HIV-1 Phloroglucinol alpha-pyrone from Helichrysum italicum Ssp. microphyllum. J. Nat. Prod. 2007;70:608–612. doi: 10.1021/np060581r.

[2] Giovanni Appendino, Orazio Taglialatela-Scafati, Alberto Minassi, Federica Pollastro, Mauro Ballero, Laureac; Andrea Maxia, Cinzia Sanna: Helichrysum italicum: The Sleeping Giant of Mediterranean Herbal Medicine. ISSUE: 105. Page: 34-45

[3] Daniel Antunes Viegas, Ana Palmeira de Oliveira, Lígia Salgueiro, José Martinez de Oliveira, Rita Palmeira de Oliveira, Helichrysum italicum: From traditional use to scientific data, Journal of Ethnopharmacology.

* Please, note that the above statements are summaries of published studies and and investigations as cited at the end of each statement.

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