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Lavender  Botanical Extract

Ingredients: Lavandula officinalis  (Lavender) CO2 Total Extract, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

Size: 15ml


  • Lavender botanical extract stands out for its excellent skin cell
    regenerating properties.

  • It is widely used in the treatment of acne, dehydrated and
    damaged skin as well as sensitive skin.

  • Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect, it is used to treat burns,
    inflammation, psoriasis and wounds.

  • Improves blood circulation by adding oxygen to skin cells which
    brings amazing effects against skin aging.

  • Helps set the skin's natural pH.

  • Applied in the evening it also has a relaxing effect on the
    nervous system helping to have a restful sleep.

Way of use: Apply 2-3 drops on directly on clean skin or add the extract to your face wash, scrub, body wash or shampoo.

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